Podcast Equipment I Use

I’ve had a few requests to share what podcast equipment I use & recommend for a portable podcast setup – sharing some notes below:

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder (Amazon)

Plug in 4 different inputs/mics for up to 4 guests. Portable. Records onto SD card. Simple, reliable & captures good sound. Also have the option to record with the inbuilt mics for background noise, ambience or a backup recording.

2-4x Audio-Technica ATR 2100 (Amazon)
These are the best bang-for-buck mics I’ve found. Both XLR and USB connection. Works great with the Zoom H6. Rich sound at a great price. I would get between 2 to 4. One for each guest. And I have a couple extra as a backup too in case needed. I have 4 total and used when I did a roundtable or when I’ve had more than one guest.

Foam Covers (Amazon)
To reduce pops/noise on mics.

Belkin Audio Splitter (Amazon)
Since the Zoom H6 (and pretty much any recorder) only comes with 1 aux output, a splitter will be useful so each guest can hear the convo. Worth having in the kit.

SD Cards (Amazon 1 + 2)
I use these for video (higher speed, more space) and these for audio (you want high quality, reliable and enough space, H6 takes up to 128GB)

2-3x Video Camcorder (Amazon)
I looked at DSLR, GoPro and other options but they aren’t the best for recording long-form videos. After 30mins they have issues. I also needed something lightweight that could record for hours on a tripod without any issues.

I got myself two 4K camcorders. In the USA, the one I use is the Panasonic HC-VX981K 4K Ultra HD Camcorder – but that isn’t sold everywhere so you may find an equivalent where you live. I also looked at this Sony camcorder as another reliable camcorder option in my price range.

Ideally you’d have 3x cameras – one for the guest closeup, one on the host, one for a pan shot of the group. Having at least two cameras makes a big difference in keeping the video interesting and dynamic.

Tripods (Amazon)
You want something lightweight for travel, I use the amazon basics tripods in the US, but have a look at what might be sold near you. This looks like a decent option.