Christophe Garnier, Co-Founder of Upflex, Totsy & Spark Labs

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I met Christophe when I first moved to New York.

I was drawn in by his infectious energy, French charm and distinct sense of humor. He had started multiple companies and our friendship grew over chats about life in America & the world of entrepreneurship.

One evening after an epic meandering night out, we landed in Koreatown to chow down on plates of bibimbap & bulgogi.

It was a few days before his life was about to change with the birth of his daughter and I asked Christophe about any regrets he had from the past…he started to share this story:

“This one time, I had a call from the CFO of Groupon and they had made an $80mil offer on our company, Totsy! It would have been a 10X return for our investors and it was going to be a life-changing moment for me”…

The table went silent as we crept towards the edge of our seats…

“But then my board blocked the deal, we had to say no! A short while after, we got crushed by Zulily and had to sell for much less. I made nothing from the sale.”

It was the sort of honest conversation you could only have with real friends. And yet, it was a familiar outcome that 90% of founders face when starting a company. The type of story that hasn’t been perfectly crafted by a PR machine or used as the tee-up to the inevitable “but look at me now!”

It was just plain, honest, truth.

In this episode, we revisit that story in more detail to share the stark reality of entrepreneurship – the high highs and the low lows, what it takes to bounce back and move on to a new adventure.

We also get into how his world has changed since having a baby daughter, why he thinks being a parent can make you a better entrepreneur and what his new company, UpFlex, is focused on.

I hope you enjoy the honesty that Christophe shares in this revealing conversation – if so, shoot me a note, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) Ups and Downs of entrepreneurship – the true reality for many entrepreneurs who start companies

(2) $80mil acquisition offer – what really happened when he had to reject this offer and what you can learn from his experience

(3) Being a parent and a founder – how to find your own balance and why Christophe says it makes him a better entrepreneur

(4) Leaving Your Company – when and why you might ever leave the company you started

(5) Upflex – his new company and why there’s a need for “Workplace-as-a-Service”

Preview Clips

The Side Of Entrepreneurship You Never Hear About


Ups And Downs Of Entrepreneurship


Becoming A Parent Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur


When An Acquisition Offer Doesn’t Work Out


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