Emily Heyward, Red Antler // How To Build A Brand People Love

“Most Important Entrepreneur of the Decade” – Inc Magazine

Who Is Emily?

Emily is a true branding expert.

She’s helped to build brands like All Birds, Casper & Boxed from the ground up & paved a new path for entrepreneurs building in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space.

What You’ll Learn

The approach Emily and her team use to create brands that people love from day one.

This episode is full of real-world examples from brands like: Apple, Nike, Warby Parker, TOMS, Allbirds, SoulCycle, Everlane, Thinx, and more.

Using these companies as case studies, you’ll learn:

  • 3 pillars of brand strategy: mindset, key problem, brand idea
  • what you can learn about brand storytelling from stand up comedy
  • getting to the consumer need & “the why test”
  • knowing when you’ve got to the “core brand idea”
  • the difference between functional vs emotional brand storytelling
  • the best way to get customer feedback
  • how consumer expectations are being redefined
  • why brand consistency is no longer the only approach to take in 2020
  • how subtle language can make a huge difference in the tone of your brand communication

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Update Aug 14th 2020: We gave away 5 free copies of Emily’s new book: Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love From Day One

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    Time Stamps (YouTube)

    00:00 welcome
    00:44 who is emily?
    01:20 equity vs agency fee
    02:29 branding book
    03:35 what is the importance of brand?
    04:25 defining brand
    08:28 3 parts to brand strategy
    14:00 customer interviews
    19:53 beyond functional benefits
    22:21 casper + core brand idea
    25:23 airbnb + the why test
    29:39 evaluating brand idea
    30:41 boxed + comparing to competition
    32:40 allbirds
    37:40 nike + laddering up value
    39:02 apple + green text
    41:45 soulcycle brand juxtaposition
    43:24 breaking the rule of consistency
    45:02 thinx grapefruit
    48:05 non-profits + cause
    51:30 toms shoe
    53:56 warby parker
    54:45 bombas
    55:58 everlane
    62:52 consumer expectations
    64:33 closing

    Time Stamps (Podcast)

    00:00 intro
    1:24 who is emily?
    2:00 equity vs agency fee
    3:09 branding book
    4:15 what is the importance of brand?
    5:05 defining brand
    9:08 3 parts to brand strategy
    14:40 customer interviews
    20:33 beyond functional benefits
    22:51 casper + core brand idea
    25:30 airbnb + the why test
    29:50 evaluating brand idea
    30:30 boxed + comparing to competition
    32:30 allbirds examples
    37:40 nike + laddering up value
    38:10 apple + green text
    41:35 soulcycle brand juxtaposition
    42:50 breaking the rule of consistency
    44:30 thinx grapefruit
    47:40 non-profits + cause
    50:50 toms shoe
    53:10 warby parker
    53:37 bombas
    54:55 everlane
    59:40 cancel culture + consumer expectations

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