Erin Zaikis, Sundara // Saving Lives Through Soap Recycling

Ever wondered where that barely-used bar of soap went after your last hotel visit?

Erin Zaikis goes into her incredible journey in founding Sundara: a nonprofit organization that partners with hotel chains in India, Myanmar & Uganda to recycle the unused soap that goes to waste to help the communities in need who need it most.

Sundara empowers early-stage female entrepreneurs working in water, sanitation and hygiene spaces with critical funding and mentorship.

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) Inspiration – How a trip to rural Thailand inspired her to take action and start a soap company

(2) The Soap Business – Making bars of soap in her Manhattan apartment and why she transitioned from a social business to a non-profit

(3) Why Soap? – why is it often overlooked and why it is so powerful in preventing disease, empowering women and saving lives

(4) Growing – The steps she took to fundraise, spread the word and build her nonprofit

(5) Personal – what inspires her, what success means to her, what her plans are for the future, what makes a happy life, books that have helped her through the process and more

Books Mentioned

The Generosity Network – Jennifer Mccrea

Half The Sky – Nicholas Kristof

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