The Future of the Weed Business // Joe Dolce, Journalist & Author

Analysts are calling it the country’s “fastest-growing industry” and Arthur Frommer (godfather of the travel industry who founded the Frommer’s guide) has said to “get ready for the era of marijuana tourism”.  In the US, 8 states have legalized its recreational use and more than half of all US states permit it for medical purposes.
Times are changing, so I sat down with Joe Dolce, author of “Brave New Weed” to explore the future of the weed business and its social impact.

Who is Joe?

Joe Dolce is a seasoned journalist who worked with Anna Wintour at Vogue, introduced Jamie Oliver to the US audience as the chief of Gourmet magazine and spent a week in Mexico trying to outdrink Anthony Bourdain. He has a treasure trove of stories spanning an impressive 20yr career as a journalist.
For the last 3yrs, Joe traveled the globe researching the uncharted world of the cannabis industry. From legal states in the US, medical research in Israel, weed tourism in Colorado & the criminal justice system – Joe has dug deep into this topic.

5 Things To Listen Out For:

 (1) His Journalist Background – stories of interviewing Hugh Hefner in the playboy mansion & Anna Wintour eating cheeseburgers at her desk. How his background in journalism got him onto this topic for his book.
(2) History – Why has it been such a taboo subject, what is changing now, legalization vs decriminalization, positive & negative impact
(3) Current Landscape  – what does the landscape look like right now? How are people like Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg & The Marley Family setting up to profit?
(4) Future Growth of the Weed Business – comparing it to the beer business & wine country,big pharma, tobacco companies, investment, weed tourism & medical use.
(5) Social impact – the US has 5% of the global population but 25% of its prisoners, what impact will legalization have on the criminal justice system? How will it impact people of color who are disproportionately impacted by minor drug offenses?

Time Stamps

  •  [1m32s] – Who is Joe Dolce
  • [2m51s] – Stories from being a journalist -Anna Wintour eating cheeseburgers
  • [3m27s] – Interviewing Hugh Hefner at the playboy mansion
  • [5m44s] – Hanging with Jamie Oliver in Essex
  • [6m54s] – Why did he start writing this book
  • [7m56s] – Importance of language, plant vs drug
  • [9m38s] – History, why it has been a taboo subject & the war on drugs
  • [13m37s] – Legalized states
  • [14m34s] – Difference between decriminalization vs legalization
  • [15m53s] – Parallels between alcohol prohibition
  • [17m27s] – Why has it taken so long to legalize
  • [19m10s] – Gateway drug & negative impact
  • [24m23s] – What Obama had to say about it
  • [26m27s] – Positive uses that researchers have found
  • [29m31s] – What is THC and CBD?
  • [31m53s] – Painting a picture of the current business landscape
  • [35m16s] – Future of business, comparing it to the beer industry
  • [37m47s] – Future of weed tourism, compared to wine country
  • [40m04s] – Big pharma and alcohol companies stance
  • [43m38s] – Tax revenue & growth, estimates for California being a $30bil market
  • [45m16s] – How Snoop Dogg, Marley Family, Whoppi Goldberg and more are investing
  • [46m59s] – US is 5% of the global population, 25% of prisoners, impact on the criminal justice system and people of color
  • [52m24s] – Impact of decriminalization of all drugs
  • [58m05s] – About his book: Brave New Weed – link here

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