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Hiten Shah has built multiple SaaS companies including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & FYI. In this conversation, we discuss the future of remote work & lessons learned from building, investing & advising 120+ companies.

You can check out the full analysis Hiten and his team published here.

What Is The Future Of Remote Work?

63% of US companies now have remote workers and 96% of remote workers would recommend working remotely to a friend.

But what does “remote work” actually mean?

Many people think of digital nomads galavanting around tropical islands while fitting in some Wifi work time. Or freelancers working out of trendy coffee shops…

But as Hiten and I discuss, most of us are already participating in some form of “remote work”.

Whether that’s a remote meeting we have with external partners, flexible work schedules or simply, “working from home” – this is an important macro trend that is going to impact all of us as the nature of work continues to evolve.

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) What remote work really means – Hiten’s team did a deep dive to uncover what remote work means in practice

(2) Understanding intent through keyword research – how Hiten used keyword research to understand the specifics around what people are really looking for

(3) Facts vs Feelings – mental frameworks to separate facts and feelings to make decisions

(4) Dealing with loss – the lesson Hiten’s dad shared when his mother passed away at a young age and how that has helped shape him today

(5) Why words matter – the difference between “self-funding” and “bootstrapping”

Preview Clips

What Remote Work Really Means


Understanding Intent Through Keyword Research


Facts vs Feelings


“Has The World Changed?” – Dealing With Loss


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