International Expansion, Brexit & The State of Transatlantic Tech // Roundtable

What does it take to grow internationally? Specifically, what does it take for an American company to grow into Europe? Or a British company wanting to expand into the US?

In this in-depth podcast discussion, we discuss the state of transatlantic tech and what you should be thinking about if you’re looking to expand internationally. Note that this was recorded late Dec 2016 just before President Trump came into office.

My 3 guests are:

(1) Daniel Glazer – partner at Silicon Valley-headquartered law firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, where he leads the New York office’s Technology Transactions practice. He also helps lead WSGR’s US Expansion practice, advising UK and other non-US technology companies on US expansion

(2) Pru Ashby – head of North America at London & Partners who are the official promotional company for London. She works on attracting and advising US companies to set up and grow in London

(3) Alliott Cole – director at Octopus Ventures, one of Europe’s largest venture capital teams. Some of their investments include: Secret Escapes, yPlan, Zoopla, Swiftkey (sold for $250M to Microsoft) & Lovefilm (sold to Amazon for $200M)

Five Things To Listen Out For

(1) Similarities and differences between US and UK/European markets
(2) Startup ecosystem post-brexit
(3) Future outlook under a Trump presidency
(4) How do you structure an expansion into US or Europe
(5) What companies have done this well?

Time Stamps

  • [3m21s] Intros
  • [6m16s] State of UK post brexit
  • [18m49s] Investment growth in London since 2010
  • [19m28s] It takes 10.2yrs for companies to IPO on average
  • [20m23s] Has the market overreacted to Brexit?
  • [23m9s] Mood post US election
  • [24m16s] How will entrepreneurs think about globalisation
  • [30m9s] Similarities and differences in business culture in US vs UK
  • [42m11s] Recommendations on hiring people in US when you’re a startup
  • [43m35s] How do you structure an expansion
  • [48m27s] Where do you start your first US office
  • [51m41s] When do you know it’s the right time to move
  • [58m36] Examples of companies that have done a good job of expanding
  • [1hr6m] What do companies struggle with when they move
  • [1hr14m] What should US companies think about when expanding to UK
  • [1hr18m] Looking forward

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