Jack Butcher, Visualize Value // Building An Audience, Creating Wealth + Visual Storytelling

🚀 Who Is Jack Butcher?

Jack is the founder of @VisualizeValue, a Twitter/Instagram account he’s grown to 100k+ followers in less than 2yrs.

His business brings in $100k+ month with 99% profit margins.

🧠 Five Things You’ll Learn:

  • building an audience from scratch
  • transitioning from selling services (time) to products (value)
  • how to tell better stories
  • leverage, compounding + other ideas that changed his world view
  • a discussion around Naval’s tweetstorm on building wealth

⏳Time Stamps (YouTube)

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:49 Jack’s Background
00:05:08 Naval’s Tweetstorm
00:09:23 $100k/mo + 99% Profit Margins
00:11:27 Starting Visualize Value
00:15:16 Communicating Complex Ideas
00:17:37 Building an Audience from Scratch
00:22:09 Difference Between Twitter + Instagram Audiences
00:27:28 Constraints + Creating Consistently
00:29:49 Keeping A Brand Fresh
00:30:49 “Good Advertising Wears In, Not Out”
00:34:00 Finding Your Own Voice
00:36:54 Power of Visual Content
00:37:38 One Platform At A Time?
00:42:03 Platform Risk + Organic Reach
00:47:52 Jack’s Creative Process
00:57:08 Lessons In Storytelling
01:02:45 How to Stay Consistent
01:08:07 Joe Rogan’s First Podcast
01:10:17 Internal Motivation
01:11:30 The Future of Visualize Value
01:14:04 Behind The Mind: “Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status”
01:20:16 “Do You Love The Poor or Hate The Rich?”
01:23:49 Understanding Leverage
01:26:26 Employee vs Owner Mindset
01:30:30 US vs UK culture
01:36:17 “When You’re Finally Wealthy, You Realize It Wasn’t What You Were Seeking in the First Place”
01:39:19 Wrap Up + Book “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

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