Jim Mckelvey, Co-Founder of Square // The Artist Who Became A Billionaire

🎨 Who Is Jim?

Jim McKelvey is an entrepreneur, glass-blowing artist + philanthropist.

He’s most well known as the co-founder of Square, the financial payments company he started with Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter). Jim also co-founded the non-profit “Launch Code” and he’s an independent Director of the St. Louis Federal Reserve

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🧠 Topics We Discuss

  • the origin story of Square
  • Square’s 14 part “innovation stack” that allowed them to win in this tough market
  • reducing the cost of a card reader from $1000 to $0.97
  • going up against Amazon + winning
  • examples of innovation stacks from other companies
  • the unbanked + underbanked
  • his thoughts on digital currencies
  • invention vs innovation
  • entrepreneurship vs owning a business
  • if “billionaires should exist” + his “billionaire moment”
  • why being a billionaire ≠ happiness

⏳Time Stamps (YouTube)

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:49 Welcome
00:01:50 Early Career as a Glassblower
00:03:10 Meeting Jack Dorsey
00:05:59 Beginning of Square
00:10:59 Underserved Markets
00:15:13 Studying a Market for Something That Doesn’t Exist
00:19:03 The Unbanked + Underbanked
00:24:49 Square’s Innovation Stack
00:28:21 Invention vs Innovation
00:30:21 Getting Square’s First Users
00:33:38 What Were The Large Existing Players Missing?
00:42:22 The Delusion of Innovation
00:45:26 How Square Went Up Against Amazon + Won
00:50:43 Entrepreneur vs Business Owner
00:52:32 His “Billionaire” Moment
00:54:52 Being Treated Like a “Walking Wallet”
00:56:33 Should Billionaires Exist?
01:00:21 Industries That are Ripe for Innovation
01:05:30 Digital Currency
01:08:13 Advice on Investing
01:10:30 “If you inherit wealth, you’re not rich”
01:12:24 Being Rich ≠ Being Happy
01:13:44 Philanthropy
01:16:39 Dealing with the hardest period of his life
01:19:33 Wrap Up

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