Nathan Latka, Entrepreneur, Investor & Bestselling Author

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Nathan Latka is making more than $100k/month from 30+ revenue streams. We go into all of the details documented in his book: “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital“.

From his approach to building systems that scale beyond himself, growing his podcast to 10+mil downloads, investing in real estate, food trucks, buying software companies, building teams around the world and even landing a TV show – there’s so much packed into this conversation!

In this revealing podcast interview, Nathan Latka goes into why someone should be a capitalist in the first place, why he thinks “Americans should be kissing the feet of people like Jeff Bezos” & why buying companies is a smarter approach than starting from scratch.

Nathan is a true hustler, a capitalist in every sense of the word & a savvy entrepreneur that likes to break the rules.

You can check out his WSJ bestselling book, “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital”, on Amazon here.

Show Notes

 Here are five things to listen out for:
(1) Capitalism vs Socialism – why you would want to be a capitalist in the first place and the pros & cons of a purely capitalist society.
(2) Making $100k/month – why he chooses to spread his risk by working on many things at once and examples of investments you can make to generate income
(3) Systems vs Goals – why you should focus on building, multiplying & stacking systems instead of setting goals
(4) “My Podcast Is A Massive Front” – how he’s developed a piece of code to automatically turn his daily podcast into a database that he sells to VCs for $20-30k/month
(5) His Book – what you can expect, including specific page numbers you can skip ahead to
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