Nathan Latka // How To Be A Capitalist

Buying Businesses, Building Systems & Making $100k/month from 30+ Revenue Streams

Nathan Latka is a pure breed, unapologetic capitalist.

He loves to find new ways of making money.

From investing in a food truck, to buying software companies, to selling data CEOs share on his podcast to VCs & entrepreneurs for thousands of dollars.

He’s an out of the box thinker, and you’ve got to respect his hustle.

Here’s a 1min clip where he shares how he monetizes his podcast:

Book Deal

He’s made a name for himself. So he leveraged his audience from his podcast, to land a book deal that went to #3 on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list after we recorded this. 

We do a deep dive into the concepts discussed in the book: “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital“.

Systems, Growth & Investing

We talk through his approach to building systems that scale beyond himself, by simplifying the process down to a single piece of paper.

And we go into:

  • why someone should be a capitalist in the first place
  • growing his podcast to 10mil+ downloads
  • investing in real estate & food trucks
  • why buying companies is a smarter approach than starting from scratch
  • building remote teams around the world
  • landing a TV show
  • why he thinks “Americans should be kissing the feet of people like Jeff Bezos”

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) Capitalism vs Socialism – why you would want to be a capitalist in the first place and the pros & cons of a purely capitalist society.
(2) Making $100k/month – why he chooses to spread his risk by working on many things at once and examples of investments you can make to generate income
(3) Systems vs Goals – why you should focus on building, multiplying & stacking systems instead of setting goals
(4) “My Podcast Is A Massive Front” – how he’s developed a piece of code to automatically turn his daily podcast into a database that he sells to VCs for $20-30k/month
(5) His Book – what you can expect, including specific page numbers you can skip ahead to
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