"We paid £300/month to be 'guardians' of a 60k square foot warehouse, with no internet connection"

— Nico Perez on how they managed to survive with no outside investment

Nico Perez, Mixcloud Co-Founder

Nico Perez sits down to discuss the humble beginnings of Mixcloud, now a major platform with 17M unique visitors a month.

In an age of making record losses but still having billion-dollar valuations – Mixcloud has taken a unique path.

They have raised zero outside investment to date, are a profitable business and operate with only 6 engineers and 12 full-time employees.

Nico and Bilal sit down to discuss all in this revealing conversation about the story behind his startup, Mixcloud. 

Nico started the breakdancing society at Cambridge University where he met one of Mixcloud's co-founders

Show Notes

Nico is a rare breed. In an age of ego driven celebrity founders: Nico is grounded, humble and incredibly sharp.

Part DJ, part breakdancer, part entrepreneur, part change-maker and deep thinker – Nico embodies the essence of what we call “Creators” on this podcast.

We go deep in this conversation, so 5 things to listen out for:

1) Living in a warehouse and having no internet connection – many people say they “had no money” when they started, but Mixcloud really had to live that mantra when they failed to raise any investment. We go into how they paid their rent every month with limited income after Nico quit his job to go full time.

2) Getting rejected by Y Combinator and other investors – how they turned that into positive momentum and became revenue generating early on.

3) How he found a technical co-founder – in today’s digital world, a common question that comes up time and time again is “how do I find someone to help me build this” – we go into how Nico approached this problem with a “skill share”.

4) How they got the head of growth at Facebook to be on their advisory board – Building a great team isn’t just about the employees and founders of an organization. There are mentors, board members and in many cases: “advisory boards”. Nico tells us how they organically made relationships to convince smart people to be a part of their advisory board.

5) Other Topics – We had a free flowing discussion with a few other topics we touched on: getting more women on their advisory board, artificial intelligence, building an MVP (minimum viable product), splitting up equity amongst co-founders, benefits of having 3 co-founders, books that have impacted him & what success means to him