Oz Pearlman Mentalist Magician

Oz Pearlman, Emmy-Winning Mentalist & Magician, America's Got Talent Finalist


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Oz Pearlman is an Emmy award-winning mentalist & magician. He captivated millions across the world as the runner up & finalist on America’s Got Talent. He’s regularly called upon by A-list celebrities, heads of state & Fortune 500 companies to perform at their high profile events.

In this episode, watch carefully as Oz baffles the senses by performing mentalist tricks live on air.

From reading Bilal’s mind, to more elaborate tricks that you have to see with your own eyes to believe & an epic conversation sandwiched in between discussing the depths of human psychology, non-verbal communication & turning your side-hustle into a lucrative business – there’s so much to take away from this revealing conversation.

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) Tricks – 3 mind-blowing tricks performed live

(2) Side Hustle – Turning a side hustle into a lucrative business – from hustling in restaurants as a kid, to captivating millions on TV

(3) Social dynamics – from cat string theory to time constraints & appearing to be a scarce resource

(4) Remembering people’s names – how Oz approaches this in his work & what you can take from it

(5) Psychology – behind success + happiness

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The Tricks He Performed:

Oz asks Bilal to “pick any word” and if you think that was too easy – he asks him to “think of a number from 1-100”

The grand finale – watch as Oz asks Bilal to “think of anyone”…you have to watch this one to believe it.


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