“It’s a selfie culture. I do think it’s hard to get people to care about others. Snapchat notifications are popping up, CNN is on and Donald Trump is yelling at you! It's not the same impact"

— Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison, CEO & Founder of charity: water

Scott Harrison went from party promoter in NYC, to a life of service & impact while he and his team have built one of the most impactful organizations on the planet.

In this conversation, Scott opens up and we go deep into his full story. We cover topics he’s never discussed before.

Show Notes

We discuss:

Water Problem & Non-Profit World – the global water problem that impacts 1 in 10 people and its disproportionate impact on women, education & disease

What changed him – what changed him to start charity: water, from a life of bottles and models as a New York party promoter, to completely changing his life around 180

Convincing top entrepreneurs to back him – how he got people like Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Sean Parker (Facebook), Chris Sacca (famous investor) and Daniel Ek (Spotify) to back charity: water

Birthday campaigns – how the famous birthday campaigns started & what is next for them with “The Spring”

Private sector – what he’s learned from the private sector and the role technology plays in their org, eg. how they use virtual reality for story telling

Social businesses – what he thinks of socially conscious businesses like Warby Parker & TOMS Shoes and if he thinks the term non-profit need a rebranding

Personal – why he could drive a $70k volvo but not a $25k mercedes, always flying coach/economy class and the pressure to be frugal while running a non-profit,

Success – what success means to him and common traits amongst successful people he knows

-Books that have impacted him:

"663 million people still don't have access to clean water"

— Scott Harrison