“It’s a selfie culture. I do think it’s hard to get people to care about others. Snapchat notifications are popping up, CNN is on and Donald Trump is yelling at you! It's not the same impact"

— Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison, CEO & Founder of charity: water

Scott Harrison is the founder of award-winning, non-profit, charity: water. He’s also the New York Times bestselling author of THIRST.

He has a remarkable entrepreneurial story, and in this revealing interview, he discusses his background from being a party promoter in NYC, to his 180 turnaround – a life of service & impact.

In this podcast interview, Scott opens up and goes deep into his story and covers topics he’s never discussed before.

Show Notes

We discuss:

Water Problem & Non-Profit World – the global water problem that impacts 1 in 10 people and its disproportionate impact on women, education & disease

What changed him – what changed him to start charity: water, from a life of bottles and models as a New York party promoter, to completely changing his life around 180

Convincing top entrepreneurs to back him – how he got people like Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Sean Parker (Facebook), Chris Sacca (famous investor) and Daniel Ek (Spotify) to back charity: water

Birthday campaigns – how the famous birthday campaigns started & what is next for them with “The Spring”

Private sector – what he’s learned from the private sector and the role technology plays in their org, eg. how they use virtual reality for story telling

Social businesses – what he thinks of socially conscious businesses like Warby Parker & TOMS Shoes and if he thinks the term non-profit need a rebranding

Personal – why he could drive a $70k volvo but not a $25k mercedes, always flying coach/economy class and the pressure to be frugal while running a non-profit,

Success – what success means to him and common traits amongst successful people he knows

-Books that have impacted him:

"663 million people still don't have access to clean water"

— Scott Harrison