Steve Schlafman, Partner at Primary // Personal + Professional Growth

Steve Schlafman is a Partner at Primary Venture Partners. He’s been an investor in the NYC startup ecosystem for the last decade. Prior to his roles in VC, he was the Director of New Ventures at The Kraft Group, owners of the New England Patriots. He’s worked at startups like Turntable FM & began his career at Microsoft.

Steve has worked on investments in companies like TheSkimm, Bowery Farming, Breather, Giphy, Percolate & SmartThings (sold to Samsung). He also works with founders & CEOs as a qualified leadership coach.

In this revealing conversation, we discuss how he thinks about personal + professional growth, building healthy habits, navigating your career, the fear of death, dealing with anxiety, overcoming “functional addiction”, sobriety & why the best performers – people like Eric Schmidt & Lebron James, all work with coaches.

Five Things To Listen Out For:

(1) Cornerstone Habits – habits that create a domino effect in other areas of your life

(2) What Lebron James & Eric Schmidt have in common -we discuss why you might feel resistant to the word “coach”, what a coaching practice looks like & examples of common discussions you might have

(3) Being A “Functional Addict” – dealing with addiction & why Steve has been sober for many years

(4) Dealing With Anxiety + The Fear Of Death – how Steve has consciously worked on his anxiety and coming to terms with death

(5) 360 reviews – why Steve recommends doing this after a recent experience, dealing with constructive criticism & how you can do this too

Preview Clips

Dealing with anxiety + the fear of death

What are cornerstone habits?

The Difference Between Therapy + Coaching

Being A “Functional” Addict

Why + How You Should Do A 360 Review



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