Ep. 12 – International Expansion + The State of Transatlantic Tech

What to think about when expanding a business between the US & Europe + what impact will Brexit & President Trump have on the future of transatlantic tech?

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Ep. 11 – Daymond John: FUBU, Shark Tank & Blueprint + Co

Daymond John discusses what he's learned from 80+ businesses & why he's opening a co-working space called Blueprint + Co in New York.

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Ep. 10 – From Jiro Dreams of Sushi to Sushi Nakazawa with Restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone

Interview on the restaurant business with co-founder of Sushi Nakazawa, famous for its all star chef from award winning documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi".

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Ep. 9 – The Future of the Weed Business with Joe Dolce

Journalist and author, Joe Dolce, discusses the future of the weed business, weed tourism, tax revenue and social impact on the criminal justice system.

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Ep. 8 – Avinash Kaushik: The Story Behind Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist

Avinash shares his personal journey from living in a factory as a kid in India, to landing a role at Google and selling his company Market Motive.

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Ep. 7 – Code To Inspire: Empowering Afghan Girls Through Code with Fereshteh Forough

Fereshteh Forough is the founder & CEO of Code to Inspire, an award winning organization that is empowering Afghan girls by teaching them how to code.

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Ep. 6 – Web Summit Co-Founder Daire Hickey on Building Europe’s Largest Tech Marketplace

Daire Hickey was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2016 for his incredible work helping Web Summit grow from 200 to to 50,000 attendees in just 6 years. They are on course to achieve double digit millions in revenue ($XXm) and have had everyone from Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Chris Sacca & Eva Longoria attend their events.

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Ep. 5 – Erin Zaikis On Helping Slum Women Save Lives Through Soap Recycling

Erin Zaikis goes into her incredible journey in founding Sundara: a nonprofit organization that partners with slum women in India, Myanmar & Uganda to recycle soap & provide hygiene education to the communities that need it the most.

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Ep. 4 – Cenk Uygur of ‘The Young Turks’ shares his journey to 5 billion views

What does it take to get to 5 billion views? Cenk Uygur goes into his story and explains what it took to build the number one news channel online: 'The Young Turks'

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Ep. 3 – 17M Users, A Warehouse & Zero Investment: The Story Behind Mixcloud

Nico Perez and the Mixcloud team have managed to get to 17M monthly visitors with zero outside investment. We talk about how they bootstrapped their way to a unique and profitable business. Listen out for when they lived in a 60k square foot warehouse.

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