Dr. Emily Anhalt, Psychologist + Co-Founder, Coa // Mental Health, Anxiety + Emotional Fitness

🧠 Who Is Dr Emily Anhalt?

Dr. Emily Anhalt is a psychologist, co-founder + chief-clinical officer of Coa, a mental fitness platform + community.

She’s conducted research with prominent psychologists + entrepreneurs on how leaders can improve their emotional fitness. She’s collaborated with companies like Google, Asana, TEDx, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, + True Ventures.

🎓 Five Things You’ll Learn:

• how to be proactive about your mental health + emotional fitness
• identifying + dealing with anxiety
• actionable tips to deal with imposter syndrome
• dealing with co-founder breakups
• survivor guilt, sublimation + other psychological concepts that may impact your life

⏳Time Stamps (YouTube)

00:00 Intro
00:01:42 About Emily + Coa
00:06:14 About Anxiety
00:09:37 Difference Between Depression + Anxiety
00:11:18 Where to Start with Therapy
00:13:52 Where to Find Therapy
00:16:32 Dealing with Anxiety
00:18:54 Trust Future You to Deal with Future Problems
00:19:58 Identifying Triggers for Anxiety
00:21:02 Healthy + Unhealthy Reactions to Adversity
00:23:55 Common Work Conflicts
00:27:45 Survivor Guilt
00:30:01 Does Gender Play a Role in Conflict Resolution?
00:32:44 Co-Founder Conflicts
00:37:35 Co-Founder Breakups
00:38:35 Imposter Syndrome
00:44:41 How Childhood Experiences Influence The Present
00:47:46 Affordable Therapy For All?
00:49:09 Wrap Up

⏳Time Stamps (Podcast)

00:00 Intro
00:02:09 About Emily + Coa
00:06:41 About Anxiety
00:10:04 Difference Between Depression + Anxiety
00:11:45 Where to Start with Therapy
00:14:19 Where to Find Therapy
00:16:59 Dealing with Anxiety
00:19:21 Trust Future You to Deal with Future Problems
00:20:25 Identifying Triggers for Anxiety
00:21:29 Healthy and Unhealthy Reactions to Adversity
00:24:22 Common Work Conflicts
00:28:12 Survivor Guilt
00:30:28 Does Gender Play a Role in Conflict Resolution?
00:33:11 Co-Founder Conflicts
00:38:02 Co-Founder Breakups
00:39:20 Imposter Syndrome
00:45:08 How Childhood Experiences Influence The Present
00:48:13 Affordable Therapy For All?
00:49:36 Wrap Up

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