Gagan Biyani, Udemy // Lessons From Building An Education Unicorn + The Future Of Online Learning

🎓 Who is Gagan Biyani?

Gagan is the co-founder & former President of Udemy, an online education company that’s worth more than $2bil.

He later co-founded Sprig, a food delivery startup & went on to become the interim head of growth marketing at Lyft.

Gagan recently announced a new education startup with Wes Kao. They’ve raised $4.3mil from investors like First Round Capital, Naval Ravikant & Li Jin.

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🧠 What You’ll Learn From This Convo:

– lessons in building Udemy + Sprig, from high-highs to low-lows
– why cohort-based courses will play a major role in the future of online education
– what it was like being fired by a co-founder
– the impact of financial struggles & the unique pressure of being the child of immigrants
– perspective gained from traveling to all 7 continents

⏳Time Stamps (YouTube)

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:02 Who is Gagan Biyani?
00:04:35 Udemy Origin Story
00:10:09 Starting Up a Business When You Have A Work Visa
00:12:12 Setting A Timeline
00:16:09 Parental Pressure + Traditional Careers
00:20:08 Struggles
00:26:09 How Do You React To Financial Troubles?
00:28:42 Living Within Your Means
00:29:49 Being Content
00:32:42 Getting Fired By A Co-Founder
00:41:35 The Rise & Fall of Sprig
00:43:20 Chamath: “You’re Going to Fail”
00:49:22 Failure + Cognitive Dissonance
00:51:55 3 Years of Travel
00:56:35 Finding Hidden Gems
00:58:39 Figuring Out What’s Next
01:00:14 Naval’s Advice
01:04:06 Evaluating Business Ideas
01:06:43 Gagan’s New Startup: Cohort-Based Courses
01:12:52 Opportunities In Online Education
01:16:44 Formats That Work Best
01:20:34 Wrap-Up

⏳Time Stamps (Podcast)

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:47 Who is Gagan Biyani?
00:05:20 Udemy Origin Story
00:10:54 Starting Up a Business When You Have A Work Visa
00:12:57 Setting A Timeline
00:16:54 Parental Pressure + Traditional Careers
00:20:53 Struggles
00:26:54 How Do You React To Financial Troubles?
00:29:27 Living Within Your Means
00:30:34 Being Content
00:33:27 Getting Fired By A Co-Founder
00:42:20 The Rise & Fall of Sprig
00:44:05 Chamath: “You’re Going to Fail”
00:50:07 Failure + Cognitive Dissonance
00:52:40 3 Years of Travel
00:57:20 Finding Hidden Gems
00:59:24 Figuring Out What’s Next
01:00:59 Naval’s Advice
01:04:51 Evaluating Business Ideas
01:07:28 Gagan’s New Startup: Cohort-Based Courses
01:13:37 Opportunities In Online Education
01:17:29 Formats That Work Best
01:21:19 Wrap-Up

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