Where Do Good Stories Come From? // Tyler Riewer, Head of Creative at charity: water

Tyler Riewer is the head of creative at charity: water. In this in-depth conversation, he shares 5 principles that can make you a better storyteller. We discuss the concept of the “hero’s journey” & how savvy brands, writers & politicians use this idea to tell effective stories.

Whether you’re a non-profit or a for-profit business – there is something you can take away from this conversation!

Five Things To Listen Out For

(1) Role of storytelling – and its impact on every part of an organization
(2) The Hero’s Journey – how savvy brands, politicians, and writers use the concept of the hero’s journey to tell effective stories
(3) 5 Principles – that Tyler has picked up along the way as a professional storyteller that you can apply to your own life and work
(4) From Concept to Campaign – how they took an inspirational letter from a 6yr old and turned it into a successful brand campaign through the principles we discuss
(5) Stories from his travels – and the stories that make up the 663 million people that lack access to clean drinking water
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