Jos White from Notion Capital

Jos White, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor at Notion Capital

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Jos White is a serial entrepreneur and investor at Notion Capital. In this interview, he shares his life story from growing up in England, to getting expelled from school, starting businesses with his brother & how they managed to sell 3 different companies for more than $800 million.

Show Notes

5 things to listen out for:
(1) Growing up in England – going to the same school as Richard Branson and getting expelled from school.
(2) Starting a business with his brother – early signs of entrepreneurship and what it was like setting up a company with his family.
(3) Multiple exits – most entrepreneurs dream of having a multi-million  dollar exit once. But Jos did this time and time again with 3 different companies. We go into what he built and how he sold the companies.
(4) Learning from his entrepreneurial journey – funding their businesses, finding a CTO, navigating the crash of 2000, knowing when it was the right time to sell, common mistakes people make when pitching for investment
(5) Legacy – what he cares most about, what makes people happy & how we wants to keep having an impact

Time Stamps

  • [3m38s] What he was like as a kid
  • [5m35s] Going to same school as Richard Branson and getting expelled from school
  • [9m33s] Can you learn to be an entrepreneur and what he studied at school
  • [10m58s] Earliest exposure to business
  • [15m10s] Moving to Thailand
  • [17m29s] Genesis of RBR Networks
  • [20m25s] Making more than £1m a month and getting their first sale
  • [22m02s] Splitting up responsibility
  • [23m03s] Transitioning from marketing person to leader
  • [24m50s] Knowing his weaknesses
  • [27m17s] How they funded their business
  • [31m42s] Hiring good people
  • [34m06s] Selling the company for $50M
  • [35m47s] What they did the day they sold the company
  • [38m44s] Coming up with the idea for Message Labs
  • [42m05s] Finding a CTO
  • [47m03s] Navigating the crash of 2000
  • [48m21s] Knowing when to sell a company
  • [54m59s] Switching to an investor, what he looks for in an investment
  • [56m56s] Common mistakes people make when pitching for investment
  • [58m52s] What is keeping him motivated? Having a chip on your shoulder
  • [1hr] What success means to him
  • [1hr2m] Having financial success & social responsibility
  • [1hr5m] Legacy