Hi, I’m Bilal! Welcome to Creator Lab where I’m learning how to turn ideas, into action.

Whether that’s an idea to create a business, build a non-profit or start a movement – I dissect the thoughts and actions of people who have done this before.

On my podcast, I’ll bring you honest conversations with leading entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, award winning designers, educators, artists and everything else in between.

How did they come up with their idea? Convince people to join their vision? Fund their work? Grow and scale?

We go into all of this and more – so subscribe, listen in & get involved!

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In my first interview series, every Wednesday I have honest conversations with leading entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, award winning designers, educators, artists & everything else in between. We dig deep into their stories to understand how they made their ideas come to life and the lessons learned along the way. 


Thought provoking blog posts, research & in-depth written guides to help you grow.


My second podcast series is where we deep dive into particular topics & issues. Eg. How to find a co-founder? How to fund your idea? How to get more under represented people into leadership positions? Get in touch if you'd like me to focus on a particular issue you're facing. Coming later in 2016.


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